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This little Boy has very complex medical needs, his bike was stolen, Help ! 
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I don't ask people to share stuff normally. BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE THIS. Especially if you are local to Standish and Wigan...

This little boy is who you have stolen it from. He's 8 years old with a development age of 4. He has very complex medical needs and needs medical intervention daily, hospital admissions regularly and has autism.

You didn't steal this bike from a child who competes, who rides for medal and adulation. You stole this bike from a kid who uses this to escape the crap he has to go through on a daily basis.

You know what, I'm a nice person. If you're skint and having a shit time close to Christmas and told me your kids likes bikes I'd have probably said lets take him/her for a ride. I'd have told you about the lay away plan you can get it on. Id have told you to knock on anytime for them to play.

But you didn't, and now you're a worthless piece of ... I don't want my kid to know exists. He's vulnerable, he thinks everyone in the world is nice because of his delays and difficulties. I can't tell him you have been in the garage after his horrific week of infections and antibiotics and catheters and tubes and him willing himself to get better to be able to meet santa today. You know why? Because he wouldn't understand and he would be distraught and you would ruin his day today, a day where he will be meeting other children with complex needs like him.

I hope it's worth it, I hope you can sleep at night knowing when I do tell him his bike, his escapism, has been stolen from him, that he won't just get over it. It will massively set him back and chances of him being in any fit state for school on Monday are none.
Please contact the Police or on my facebook page if you see it

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