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Honda Fireblade Reg: WV58 HSL stolen early 21/04/2016 in Slinfold, UK 
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Country United Kingdom

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Honda Fireblade Reg: WV58 HSL stolen early this morning in Slinfold, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Couple of bits to help recognise this:
1.Carbon fibre rear tyre hugger (fairly uncommon)
2. Tail tidy which is a USA import which has built in brake light and flushed indicators (again quite rare, U.K. Tail tidies still have protruding indicators)
3. Smoked front lights
4. Black stubby levers
5. Was on 19560 miles so probably in that area still 
6. Trickle charger point redirected under rear seat cowl 
7. CBR decal missing on near side, the fairing had been resprayed and I never put a new one on so it's missing, they're about £30 but can only be bought from main Hondas dealerships.
8. Scorpion exhaust which also has a carbon fibre section that joins to the main fairing, again fairly rare but easy to take off and replace,
9. I had the main rider seat re clothed in alcantara suede (soft), this is probably the rarest thing on my bike so if it has a main rider seat that is different material to usual fireblades I'd say it's easy for them to not notice but very unlikely to be on other bikes.
10. The rear passenger foot pegs have been removed, may seem like a small thing but on fireblades 2008 onwards it's a much bigger job so a lot still have them
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Listing ID: 6977
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