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Autistic son s bike stolen torched 
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autistic son s bike stolen torched


As every person who's ever owned a bike or scooter knows, it gives you freedom and purpose and connection. James' story really touched me. The scum that did this won't know him. They won't know about his autism and they won't know the added value this bike must have surely gave to him. I've never met James but I hope this page raises enough to give him his life back and restore his faith in humanity.

 last night(16th 17th sept) between 11pm and midnight our son James world was shattered.
James has autism and for the past 8 years he has been suicidal ,depressed and almost housebound. 2 months ago he plucked up the courage to go out and get his cbt so he could drive a motorbike , saying it changed his world would be an understatement it gave him a life, he no longer felt depressed . housebound he felt for once in his 26 years on this planet NORMAL! just like everyone else, a PERSON in this small world,he puts on the helmet and no longer feels like he has autism , no longer worried about what people think, just another person on the road, for once in his life he doesn't feel as tho he stands out, well this was shattered last night his bike was stolen from outside our house after he left it for 30 minutes (locked)while he charged his phone. 
To the people who stole this from him last night you didn't just steal his bike u stole his freedom, u stole his ability to get out and become a normal person his confidence and independance. he has no dea what he gunna do now. he feels broken ,beaten and lost. YOU have "broken" my son.
obviously the bike was insured but once the excess and the rest of the policy is paid he wont have enough money to buy aother bike.
I am setting up this page to raise money to give my child his independence  and thank everyone what u can give no matter how small , i know money is tight for most and anything is much appreciated 
       thank you

Listing ID: 30427

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