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introducing "The Warmest" base layer collection 
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Introducing "The Warmest" Base Layer Collection
ThermaCore Apparel presents to you the future of functional active heating garments! Our Gear provides the user with the easiest option to warm the body.

These garments have integrated pockets strategically placed to warm the blood thus warming the whole body. Also, with our top quality construction and fabric "The Warmest" can be used straight out of the package as your go to thermal garment.


- Truly keeps you warm for the whole time you're outside
- Increases your mobility
- Fits normal size hand warmers (NO HEAVY BATTERIES OR CORDS)
- Actively heat your body as needed
- Can use without warmers as a top quality thermal garment
- Wear Less & Stay Warmer
"The Warmest" Top
- Easily insert or remove warmers
- Fleece infused fabric
- Integrated hidden pockets
- Easy access pocket openings
- Tactical fit (WHERE  WE  NEED  IT)
- Light weight
- Moisture wicking
- Extra length on the bottom (PREVENTS  RIDE  UP)
- Fashionable design
- Pockets target chest & forearm areas
- 92% polyester, 8% spandex fabric
"The Warmest" Bottom
Tired of cold feet or legs? If so, look no further! Our two inner pocket design provides an easy solution to warming the lower body.

- Easily insert or remove warmers
- Fleece infused fabric
- Elastic waistband
- Draw string
- Loose fit around groin area (ALWAYS  NEEDED)
- Hidden pockets
- Easy access pockets
- Fashionable design
- Foot loops (PREVENTS  RIDE  UP)
- Pockets target inside below knee
- 92% polyester, 8% spandex fabric

EctoActiveTM Technology
It's all about the placements! Our strategic pockets allow for maximum heat transfer at the lowest weight possible. Meaning you're able to wear less clothing and stay warmer.

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