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请閱讀「成功之路」 - Yvette Isaac博士对阿拉伯世界的承诺,已经開展了许多救济和社区活动,包 向叙利亚和伊拉克难民以及贫穷的埃及人展現人道主义精神和分發 疗用品。正因為她和她组织的声音,英国议会终于终于承认了ISIS的 种族灭绝行为。
请保持一顆善良的心,花一点时间来阅读和分享他们的「成功之 」 。他们最新的计划是「黎巴嫩創傷后治療技術」,帮助那些逃离ISIS 禁和失去亲人的学生学习英语和提供其他服务。
June 20th is World Refugee Day and we need your help.
51% of the world's refugee population are children, with many being persecuted because of their faith.
Please check out "Roads of Success" - Dr. Yvette Isaac’s commitment to the Arab world has resulted in numerous relief and community outreaches, including distribution of humanitarian and medical supplies to Syrian and Iraqi refugees, as well as underprivileged Egyptians. It is also due to her and her organisation's voice that the UK Parliament finally acknowledged the genocide done by ISIS.
Please be an Acorn of Kindness and take a moment to like, read and share their page Roads of Success. Their latest program is "Lebanon Tech Over Trauma" helping students, who have escaped ISIS captivity and lost family members, to learn English, meditation and other services. You can also donate on their website: https://roadsofsuccess.com/
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