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【 齊來發揮幼兒動態藝術塗鴉 】 
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【 齊來發揮幼兒動態藝術塗鴉 】
孩子天生就是藝術家,奧恩在藝術、創作或是手作的教育,注重 、做、試的精神和過程,讓奧恩學生體驗各種色彩和材料,手眼的 作可以形成很多很棒很美的創作!
奧恩老師在過程當中,訓練學生表現出色的團隊合作精神,對事 的觀察和理解,擁有獨特的想法,嘗試創造出屬於自己的藝術創作
創作並不一定是事先構想好而後實踐,而是從實踐中不停地去挑 創作的極限,才有可能走出自己的路,絕對是要 get your hands dirty! 不怕髒不怕醜地盡情瘋玩!
PATHS: Dynamic art TOGETHER! Parents often ask us about our Paths programme and how it works in our daily school life. How do we teach social emotional learning? In our unit on friendship, our teacher first used a story to teach children core prosocial behaviours associated with friendship. Our students learn that playing together, sharing and helping each other are aspects of friendship. This concept is strengthened through an art activity.
They displayed excellent team work when they created collaborative art pieces with colorful marble painting. They communicated with each other, rocked the tray back and forth, and made sure the marbles went EVERYWHERE on the paper. They also loved experimenting with paint and color mixing in a new, physical way with their friends! If you want to try this at home with your kids, be sure to tape your paper to the bottom of the cardboard/pan.
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Listing ID: 9208

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