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【 親子閱讀︰In My Heart: A Book of Feelings 】 
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【 親子閱讀︰In My Heart: A Book of Feelings 】
由法國作家Jo Witek設計關於心情、感受的繪本《In My Heart: A Book of Feelings》,透過特殊排版與巧妙的挖空設計,對於要認識自己情緒的幼兒是充滿驚喜與樂趣!
故事以柔和的詩、抒情直接的語言、精巧的線條與繽紛的色彩,繪出遭遇各種情緒時的反應,讓小朋友探索書中角色全方位的情感。書的封面中央更有一顆愛心形狀的剪裁,由大至小心型切 加上不同的色彩配置變成一個完整的彩色大愛心,絕對是親子之間共讀的可愛小書!
最後為大家介紹一個閃閃發光的小玩意,只要搖一搖擺著看就會讓人心情感到平靜,家長不妨動動手同小朋友一齊制作啦︰ http://bit.ly/2kTDID0
Book of the Month: In My Heart: A Book of Feelings (Growing Hearts) by Jo Witek.
We at Mighty Oaks found this great book touched the full range of emotions, with beautifully created illustrations that pops with colour and imagery to enhance the feelings explored. Each page features a cut-out heart that decreases in size as the reader comes to a greater understanding of those feelings he or she bottles up inside. With language that is lyrical but also direct, children will be able to understand, articulate and identify their own emotions. This book is suitable for children three years old and older.
A great extension activity that goes along with the book is an “emotion bottle”. Fill a bottle with water, sand, balls and glitter. Shake the bottle to show what happens when a person gets too worried, excited, angry, stressed or upset. While you wait for the contents of the bottle to settle, explain that this wait is the time it takes for the child to identify feelings and think about what has triggered these emotions so the child can make good choices. For a variation of the emotion jar, please visit: http://bit.ly/2kTDID0
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