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康普超五類非屏蔽雙絞線:採用無金屬屏蔽材料,只有一層絕緣膠皮包裹,價格相對便宜,組網靈活。除某些特殊場合(如受電磁輻射嚴重、對傳輸質量要求較高等)在布線中使用STP 外,一般情況下我們都採用UTP。
創世服務有限公司是一間提供專業數據中心架設公司,我們服務的客戶包括政府部門,教育機構,跨國公司和中小企業,我們擁有一郡專業團隊並提供專業的服務,貼心地關注客戶的要求, 設計方案,工程執行,器材培訓及日後維修等都努力不懈地提供優質的服務。
The twisted pair in the computer LAN can be divided into two categories: unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair (STP).
Commscope Cat. 5e STP Cable : the surface by a layer of metal material wrapped to reduce the radiation, to prevent the information was eavesdropping, but also has a high data transfer rate, but the price is higher, the installation is also more complex.
Commscope Cat. 5e UTP Cable : the use of metal-free shielding materials, only a layer of insulating rubber package, the price is relatively cheap, flexible networking. In addition to some special occasions (such as by the electromagnetic radiation is serious, the transmission quality requirements are higher, etc.) in the use of STP wiring, under normal circumstances we are using UTP.
For more information about Commscope Cat. 5e UTP Cable,please visit :
LIV Services Company Limited is the leading solution provider in data centre and system infrastructure to its value clients. We are serving clients from government departments, educational institutions, multi-national corporations. LIV Services provides diversified professional services including requirement study, solution design and planning, implementation, training, maintenance, project management and documentation.
Address: Unit 4, 4/F., Hung Tai Industrial Building,
37-39 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3106 3235
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