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當網絡在百兆網絡時連接正常,但升級到千兆網絡時出現故障,可能是網線布線出現問題。雖然超五類線也支持千兆網絡的傳輸速率,但如果雙絞線、配線架、網線或其他網絡設備品質不好, 端接工藝有問題,就會在線對間產生串擾,從而無法實現千兆網絡。



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Server connection is often disconnected after network upgrade

When the network was upgraded, the server connection was intermittent and very unstable. However, the network tester was used to test the network and found that there was no problem with the twisted pair connection.

Failure analysis:

When the network is connected properly on a 100 Mbps network, but it fails when upgrading to a Gigabit network, there may be a problem with the network cable. Although the Super Category 5 cable also supports the transmission rate of the Gigabit network, if the quality of the twisted pair cable, patch panel, network cable or other network equipment is not good, or the termination process is problematic, crosstalk will occur between the online peers. Implement a Gigabit network.


Considering that the performance of the Category 5 cabling system may not be able to meet the Gigabit network system, the fault is solved after replacing it with the Category 6 cabling product.

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