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市場上有自帶交換機的路由器和自帶路由及交換機的調製解調器,建議使用。電話的交換分頻設備一般使用交換機或分線盒,與內網一樣都是使用交換機比較好。雖然分線盒很便宜,但無法互 各個房間,也帶不累3部或以上的電話。另外,電視分頻設備使用分頻器。

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Use of weak current wiring equipment

In order to achieve the requirements of sharing and intercommunication in the weak current wiring, frequency division or switching equipment must be used. Network external network switching equipment generally uses a router (for LAN) or modem (for ADSL); the internal network will use a switch or hub, usually using a switch is better.

There are routers with built-in switches and modems with built-in routers and switches in the market. They are recommended. Switching and frequency-dividing equipment for telephones generally use switches or junction boxes. It is better to use switches as the internal network. Although the junction box is cheap, it cannot communicate with each room, and it does not take 3 or more phones. In addition, the TV frequency dividing device uses a frequency divider.

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