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Systimax Cat. 6 UTP Cable安裝注意的問題 
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隨着網絡通信速率上升,安裝施工對structured cabling system性能的影響越來越大,Systimax Cat. 6 UTP Cable安裝注意的問題也越來越多。

1.Systimax Cat. 6 UTP Cable粗於Systimax Cat. 5e UTP Cable,應注意管道的填充程度,避免管道彎頭處出現線纜纏繞。

2.Systimax Cat. 6 UTP Cable structured cabling 的走線架設計要合理,為線纜轉彎提供合適的彎曲半徑。

3.Systimax Cat. 6 UTP Cable 安裝過程要注意拉力的控制。


5.Systimax Cat. 6 UTP Cable 安裝施工時要注意避免線纜被踩踏和受壓擠。

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Systimax Cat. 6 UTP Cable installation attention

1.Systimax Cat. 6 UTP Cable is thicker than Systimax Cat. 5e UTP Cable. Pay attention to the degree of filling of the pipe to avoid cable winding at the bend of the pipe.

2. The design of the Systimax Cat. 6 UTP Cable structured cabling should be reasonable to provide a suitable bending radius for cable turns.

3.Systimax Cat. 6 UTP Cable installation process should pay attention to the tension control.

4. After the wire drawing process is completed, the excess cables left at both ends should be sorted and protected, the coil wire should follow the original direction of rotation, the diameter of the coil should not be too small, and be marked.

5.Systimax Cat. 6 UTP Cable must be installed to avoid trample and crushing.

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