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綜合布線系統對數據中心的重要性不言而喻,這不僅體現在影響其數據傳輸能力和空間布局,而且整齊有序的網站與機房的安全息息相關。不專業的布線技術除了導致傳輸效率低,還會影響機 房的散熱問題。

數據中心散熱一般會採用熱通道和冷通道分離的設計,防止冷熱空氣混合,冷通道幫助設備得到冷氣流,然後通過熱通道把熱氣流排出。除此之外,線纜堆積會影響數據中心的通風問題,導致 機房內部變得無比悶熱,甚至出現安全隱患。


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A neat and orderly integrated wiring system can improve the cooling efficiency of the equipment room.

The importance of the integrated wiring system to the data center is self-evident, which is not only reflected in its data transmission capacity and spatial layout, but also the neat and orderly website is closely related to the security of the computer room. In addition to the inefficient wiring technology, the transmission efficiency is low, which also affects the heat dissipation of the equipment room.

Data center cooling generally uses a design that separates the hot and cold channels to prevent mixing of hot and cold air. The cold aisle helps the device get a cold air flow and then exhausts the hot air through the hot aisle. In addition, cable accumulation can affect the ventilation problem of the data center, which makes the interior of the equipment room extremely hot and even dangerous.

Therefore, the cables are closely arranged on the front and rear sides of the device so as not to affect the airflow exchange in the data center.

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LIV is a professional data center to set up a company, with a group of professional team intimate attention to customer requirements, and provide quality services.

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