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1. 兼容性:臨時性結構化布線系統的維護費用是很高的,如果部件之間出現不兼容,就有可能會增加額外的開銷。

2. 臨時的結構化布線系統選擇:臨時布線系統可使用不同類型的布線不見來實現系統的共,但需要更高的成本,並有可能常導致通信故障的發生。

3. 質量保證:網絡保修的質量是保護系統故障不會導致意外損失的最佳保證,網絡的設計和實施有正規的布線公司進行,部件的質量也獲得保證,工程出現問題的幾率就會小很多。

4. 網絡故障:操作故障是綜合布線的潛在大問題,如果網絡出現操作故障,其排查過程是非常困難,且成本很高的工作。

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What are the factors that affect the construction cost budget of integrated wiring?

1. Compatibility: The maintenance cost of a temporary structured cabling system is very high. If there is incompatibility between components, additional overhead may be added.

2. Temporary Structured Cabling System Selection: Temporary cabling systems can use different types of cabling to achieve system sharing, but at a higher cost, and may often lead to communication failures.

3. Quality Assurance: The quality of the network warranty is the best guarantee for protecting the system from failure and causing accidental loss. The design and implementation of the network is carried out by a regular wiring company, the quality of the components is also guaranteed, and the probability of problems in the project is small. a lot of.

4. Network failure: Operation failure is a potential big problem of integrated wiring. If the network has operational failures, its troubleshooting process is very difficult and costly.

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