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此外,室內監控系統布線,最好選擇相對柔軟外皮的網絡電源一體線,能適應室內多拐角的環境,同時比較容易布線;至於室外則採用外層為黑色阻水PE皮的網絡電源一體線能使用室外多變的天 氣,減低網線的損耗度。


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Why should we use the oxygen-free copper network power supply line for monitoring wiring?

In order to reduce costs and save man-hours, many wiring projects will use the network power integrated line for monitoring system wiring. In the process of engineering wiring, it is recommended to choose oxygen-free copper material. This is mainly due to the following reasons:

1. The resistance of oxygen-free copper material is relatively small;

2. The distance and effect of transmission are better;

3. Oxygen-free copper has good oxidation resistance and long service life.

In addition, the indoor monitoring system wiring, it is best to choose a relatively soft skin network power integrated line, can adapt to the indoor multi-corner environment, and at the same time easier to route; as for outdoor, the outer layer is black water-resistant PE leather network power integrated line energy Use outdoor weather to reduce the loss of the network cable.

Selecting the network power integrated line is best to choose a separate network cable, the separation is conducive to reducing its own interference, while avoiding interference from the outside world.

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