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3.複式家居布線:卧室與兩房家居布線相同;大廳內兩側牆壁分別安裝一個信息點,在樓板和牆壁上打洞並傳入PVC關,實現雙絞線在樓層間和居室間穿越,集線設備安裝在一層樓梯背面,便於維 護,且不影響美觀。

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Wiring scheme for different rooms:

1. Two-bedroom home wiring: Two information points are installed in the master bedroom, located on both sides of the double bed; the bedroom is equipped with an information point, located near the bed or desk; the living room is equipped with an information point, which is located in a hidden place on the sofa or coffee table.

2. Three-bedroom home wiring: The living room can be installed with an information point on each side of the wall, and the room integrated wiring is the same as the two-bedroom home wiring.

3. Duplex home wiring: the bedroom and the two-bedroom home wiring are the same; the walls on both sides of the hall are respectively installed with an information point, and holes are made in the floor and the wall, and the PVC is turned on to realize the twisted pair crossing between the floors and the living room. The line equipment is installed on the back of a layer of stairs for easy maintenance without affecting the appearance.

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LIV is a professional data center to set up a company, with a group of professional team intimate attention to customer requirements, and provide quality services.

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Address: Unit 4, 4/F., Hung Tai Industrial Building,37-39 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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Listing ID: 30803

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