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· 熔接機的選擇:根據綜合佈線工程要求,配備電池容量和精密度合適的熔接設備。

· 熔接機參數設定:根據光纖的材料和類型,設置好最佳預熔主熔電流和時間,以及光纖送入量等關鍵參數。


· 盤纖規則:沿鬆套管或光纖分支方向為單位進行盤纖,前者適合所有光纖接續工程;後者僅適用於主幹光纜末端,且為一進多出。

· 盤纖方法:先將熱縮後的套管逐個放置於固定槽中,然後處理兩則餘纖。

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Indoor fiber fusion splicing method

· Selection of welding machine: According to the requirements of integrated wiring project, equipped with welding equipment with suitable battery capacity and precision.

· Parameter setting of the fusion splicer: According to the material and type of the optical fiber, set the key parameters such as the optimal pre-melting main fusion current and time, as well as the amount of fiber input.

Indoor optical fiber coiling method

· Coiling rules: Coiling the fiber along the loose tube or fiber branch direction as a unit. The former is suitable for all optical fiber connection projects; the latter is only suitable for the end of the main optical cable, and it has one input and multiple output.

· Coiling method: Put the heat-shrinked sleeves one by one in the fixed groove, and then process the two remaining fibers.

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