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※ 傳輸損耗小,傳輸距離長


※ 防止受到外界因素的干擾


※ 高度可靠的保密性


※ 測試簡單,糾錯容易,維護費用低


※ 足以應付未來的帶寬需求


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All-fiber centralized cabling five major advantages

※ Low transmission loss and long transmission distance

The optical fiber provides long-distance transmission capability and forms a "centralized cabling" structure, which has the advantages of reducing the floor space occupied by the wiring room, reducing the decoration expenses of the wiring room, and reducing the cost of the cabinet and the backup power supply.

※ Protect from external factors

Fiber optic cabling is not subject to electromagnetic, radio frequency, noise interference, but also provides a convenient route for some of the old building renovation projects.

※ Highly reliable confidentiality

During the operation of the fiber cabling system, the fiber itself will not generate radiation, and the transmitted information is difficult to be eavesdropped.

※ Simple test, easy error correction, low maintenance cost

The test equipment of the optical fiber cabling system is simple. Once a problem is found in the testing process, the fault point can be accurately located. In the use and maintenance stage, centralized management can be performed, which can improve the network operating efficiency.

※ Sufficient to meet future bandwidth requirements

Due to the advanced nature of its transmission media, fiber cabling systems can best accommodate future network architectures.

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Listing ID: 29946

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