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相反,無氧銅的傳輸效果更穩定,傳輸距離也更加有保障,更適合作為埋牆網線。加上無氧銅室外網線是由雙層護套組成,內層皮是PVC,外層皮是PE,能抵抗風吹日晒、雨淋及抗凍,也能防老 咬。與全銅網線相比,無氧銅的使用壽命更加長。

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Can an ordinary copper network cable be used as a buried network cable?

The quality of the subgrade network cable to the network cable is relatively high. If the network cable is reworked, the process is troublesome and the cost is high. Due to high resistance, short transmission distance, and short service life, all copper cables are not suitable as buried network cables.

On the contrary, the effect of oxygen-free copper transmission is more stable, the transmission distance is also more secure, and it is more suitable as a buried network cable. The oxygen-free copper outdoor cable is composed of a double sheath. The inner skin is PVC and the outer skin is PE. It is resistant to wind, sun, rain and frost, and it also can prevent rats from biting.Compared to all copper cables, oxygen-free copper has a longer service life.

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