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無線中繼:在WDS上可以讓無線AP之間通過無線信號進行橋接中繼,無線中繼模式雖然使無線覆蓋變得更容易和靈活,一旦AP出現故障,整個WLAN將癱瘓。因此,無線中繼模式僅適用於沒法進行網 布線的特殊情況下,以及那些場地開闊、不便於鋪設以太網線的場所。


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Peer-to-peer transmission: also known as PTP, is the simplest transmission mode. Since the loss of point-to-point transmission is small, the transmission distance is relatively long, so both 2.4G and 5.8G wireless bridges are applicable.

Point-to-multipoint transmission: Based on the development of point-to-point transmission mode, point-to-multipoint transmission is the transmission between multiple transmission points and receivers, so the angle should be reasonable, and the loss is large, suitable for transmission distance, so only applicable. Wireless bridge at 5.8G.

Wireless relay: On the WDS, wireless APs can be bridged and relayed by wireless signals. Although the wireless relay mode makes wireless coverage easier and more flexible, once the AP fails, the entire WLAN will be paralyzed. Therefore, the wireless relay mode is only suitable for special cases where network cabling is not possible, and where the venue is wide and it is not convenient to lay Ethernet cables.

Reflective transmission: The reflection transmission is carried out by means of an object other than the transmission device for microwave transmission, so that the microwave signal can be transmitted through the building or mountain reflection microwave signal by adjusting the angle of the device.

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