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What is the impact of different cable materials on engineering wiring?

Four iron four aluminum: can only be used under ordinary network, generally contains 4 copper-clad iron (copper-clad steel) and 4 copper-clad aluminum. Under the 100-mega network, only 2 pairs of twisted pairs are needed for transmission. Aluminum core wire.

Copper clad aluminum: cheap but good quality, only suitable for temporary use, can not be used in engineering, transmission can only be up to 70 meters.

High-conductivity aluminum and copper-clad silver: low resistance, good transmission, can transmit 150-180 meters under normal conditions, but short life, suitable for short-term projects that are cheap but have long network transmission distance.

Bronze cable: good tensile and oxidation resistance, long life, but high resistance, transmission can only reach about 80 meters, suitable for long-term and long transmission distance.

Oxygen-free copper wire: The conductor quality is good, the tensile strength and transmission effect are more stable than other network cables, and the transmission can reach 150 meters. It is suitable for building wiring, home decoration and other projects.

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