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屏蔽網線主要應用於強干擾環境下使用,而且還需要配備屏蔽配件,包括電纜、插座、水晶頭和配線架等,同時建築物需要有良好的地線系統,才能將效果發揮最高。因此在非干擾環境下,選 擇非屏蔽網線就能滿足日常的網絡傳輸工作。



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Under normal circumstances, the frequency of home network engineering wiring is lower than 30MHz, which is not a strong interference environment, so there is no need to use a too special wiring environment.

The shielded cable is mainly used in strong interference environments, and it also needs to be equipped with shielding accessories, including cables, sockets, crystal heads and patch panels. At the same time, the building needs a good grounding system to maximize the effect. Therefore, in a non-interfering environment, the choice of unshielded network cable can meet the daily network transmission work.

In addition, it is difficult for the home network cabling to be perfectly grounded, which makes the shielded network cable the largest source of interference, resulting in even lower performance than unshielded network cables.

Therefore, the home network wiring does not need to shield the network cable.

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