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二層網絡根據MAC地址來完成點到點的轉發,在數據中心裏擁有數千台服務器是再普通不過的了,而如今跨數據中心之間也要實現二層轉發,這樣就要求數據中心的核心設備MAC容量超大才行。< /div>
因為整個數據中心,甚至多個數據中心之間都是二層的,那麼一個廣播報文會在整個數據中心的設備上進行廣播的,顯然會佔用大量的網絡帶寬,如果廣播流量比較多,可能會造成個別的端 出現擁塞,從而影響業務。
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What are the challenges of a new generation of data center network architecture changes?
1.Large Layer MAC capacity problem
The Layer 2 network performs point-to-point forwarding based on MAC addresses. It is common to have thousands of servers in the data center, and now there is a two-tier forwarding between data centers, which requires data centers Core equipment MAC capacity oversize Caixing.
2.Loop problem
The most common network fault in the Layer 2 network is the loop problem. When the network size is relatively small, the loopback can be avoided by deploying STP / MSTP loop protocols.
3.Broadcast domain is too big problem
Because the entire data center, and even multiple data centers are two layers, then a broadcast message in the entire data center equipment on the broadcast, obviously will take up a lot of network bandwidth, if the broadcast traffic is more likely Will cause individual ports to become congested, thus affecting the business.
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