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① 目前多數數據中心採用閥控鉛酸蓄電池,相比傳統鉛酸蓄電池技術,更能體現「節能」、「節材」、「節地」等節能減排需求。隨着新型電池性價比提高,將對未來數據中心的發展帶來積極的影 響,對IDC行業尤甚。
② 目前數據中心電池監測系統的應用還不完善,很多已建成機房的電池系統沒有監測設備或者監測數據不完善,存在很大的安全隱患。所以在數據中心規劃設計及應用中,對電池監測系統的設置應 引起足夠的重視。
③ 目前在野外,通信基站機房已經有應用高溫型閥控電池的案例。未來隨着高溫型電池製造成本的降低,再考慮對空調需求的降低所產生的節能效益,相信高溫型電池技術會是未來數據中心採用的 一種技術方向。
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The data center of the battery will encounter changes in the application:
① most of the current data center using VRLA batteries, compared to traditional lead-acid battery technology, better reflect the "energy", "materials", "land" and other energy-saving emission reduction needs. With the new battery cost-effective, the future development of the data center will have a positive impact on the IDC industry, especially.
② the current data center battery monitoring system is not perfect, many of the battery system has been built without monitoring equipment or monitoring data is imperfect, there is a big security risk. So in the data center planning and application and application of the battery monitoring system should be given enough attention.
③ currently in the field, the communication base station room has been the application of high temperature valve battery case. The future with the high-temperature battery manufacturing costs, and then consider the reduction in air conditioning demand for energy efficiency, I believe that high-temperature battery technology will be used in the future data center of a technical direction.
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LIV is a professional data center to set up a company, with a group of professional team intimate attention to customer requirements, and provide quality services.
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