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我們經常聽到用戶數據泄露等新聞,往往是用戶在多平台統一密碼導致的,又叫「撞庫」。這是極其不靠譜,不安全的。而如果在不同平台使用不同密碼,用戶又常常記不住。生物識別技術, 可以幫助解決這個問題。另外也使用戶不必實地去辦理,可以遠程操作。

例如支付寶使用的兩個入口:正常登陸、安全中心。目前的應用有高風險支付、修改密碼、實名認證等48個場景使用刷臉驗證。一些銀行也在嘗試將生物識別技術引入到自己的APP中,提升安全 度,也增強便捷性。



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We often hear news such as user data leaks, often caused by the user in a multi-platform unified password, also known as "hit the library." This is extremely unreliable and unsafe. And if you use different passwords on different platforms, users often do not remember. Biometrics can help solve this problem. Also allows users do not have to go to the field, you can remotely operate.

For example, Alipay used two entrances: normal landing, security center. The current application of high-risk payment, change the password, real-name authentication 48 scenes using brush face verification. Some banks are also trying to introduce biometrics into their apps to increase security and ease of use.

The rapid landing of face recognition technology will allow us to gradually get rid of the shackles of "master card key" and quickly enter the cashless era. As face recognition technology continues to mature, the market demand will be accelerated and the application scenarios will be continuously tapped. Face recognition is continuously opening the market.

The birth of new things is always accompanied by suspicion and restriction, but space and development are even more promising prospects for new technologies. I believe in the near future, face recognition technology can be more widely applied to every corner of life, to bring the public a more intelligent and convenient social life.

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