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· 路由器


· 交換機


· 光纖收發器


· 光纖


· 光纜


· 配線架




· 服務器


· 網絡面板


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What does "Cabling" include?


Also known as gateway equipment, is used to connect multiple logically separated networks, when data from one subnet transmission to another subnet, through the router's routing function to complete.


A network device for electrical signal forwarding provides a unique electrical signal path for any two network nodes accessing the switch.

·Fiber Transceiver

An Ethernet transport media conversion unit that interchanges short-range twisted pair electrical signals with long-distance optical signals is also known in many places as a photoelectric converter.

·Optical fiber

An abbreviation for optical fiber, is a fiber made of glass or plastic that acts as a light-transmitting tool.

·Optical cable

Optical Cables A communications cable assembly that utilizes one or more optical fibers in a jacket of a sheath as a transmission medium and can be used individually or in groups.

·Patch panel

* Patch panel is mainly used to manage the front-end information point in the central office modular device


UPS is an uninterruptible power supply that connects the battery to the host computer and converts the DC power into utility equipment through the module circuit of the host inverter.


Computers that manage resources and provide services to users are more demanding than regular PCs in terms of stability, security, and performance, and so their hardware is different from regular PCs.

·Network panel

The main function of the network panel is to fix the module, protect the information at the exit of the cable, play a similar role of the screen.

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