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① 1/3\" 高靈敏度CCD圖像傳感器。

② 任何時刻實時彩色圖像效果。

③ 獨有的電子倍增和噪點控制技術。

④ 可移動濾光片保證白天和完善圖像效果。

⑤ 最低照度0.00001Lux@F1.2。

⑥ 單晶點陣紅外燈模組利用高導熱鋁基板大面積散熱,具有良好的散熱效果。

⑦ 高效率,良好散熱性,而且紅外燈是和鏡頭平行排列不是位於鏡頭周圍,不會在晚上紅外燈啟動最大時對成像器件造成干擾,成像穩定。

⑧ 壽命長,由於良好的散熱技術和高集成性,壽命比普通紅外成倍提高,2年內不會衰減。

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Intelligent infrared camera features

① 1/3" high sensitivity CCD image sensor.

② Real-time color image effects at any time.

③ Unique electron multiplication and noise control technology.

④ Removable filters ensure daylight and perfect image quality.

⑤ Minimum illumination 0.00001Lux@F1.2.

⑥ The single crystal lattice infrared lamp module uses a large area of heat dissipation with a high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate, which has a good heat dissipation effect.

⑦ High efficiency, good heat dissipation, and infrared light is arranged in parallel with the lens is not located around the lens, will not interfere with the imaging device when the infrared lamp starts at maximum in the evening, the imaging is stable.

⑧ Long life, due to good heat dissipation technology and high integration, life expectancy increases exponentially compared to ordinary infrared, and will not decay in 2 years.

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Tel: +852 3106 3235

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