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綜合布線系統產品由各個不同系列的器件所構成,包括傳輸介質、交叉/直接連接設備、介質連接設備、適配器、傳輸電子設備、布線工具及測試組件。這些器件可組合成系統結構各自相關的 系統,分別起到各自功能的具體用。


綜合布線系統就是為了順應發展需求而特別設計的一套布線系統。對於現代化的大樓來說,就如體內的神經,它採用了一系列高質量的標準材料,以模塊化的組合方式,把語音、數據、圖像和 部分控制信號系統用統一的傳輸媒介進行綜合,經過統一的規劃設計,綜合在一套標準的布線系統中,將現代建築的三大子系統有機地連接起來,為現代建築的系統集成提供了物理介質。可以說 結構化布線系統的成功與否直接關係到現代化的大樓的成敗,選擇一套高品質的綜合布線系統是至關重要的。

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The composition of the integrated wiring system and its part of the function

The composition of the integrated wiring system

The integrated cabling system consists of a variety of devices, including transmission media, crossover / direct connection equipment, media connection equipment, adapters, transmission electronics, wiring tools and test components. These devices can be combined into the system structure of the respective subsystems, respectively, to play their own specific use.

Integrated wiring system functions

Integrated wiring system is to meet the development needs and specially designed a set of wiring system. For the modern building, as in the body of the nerve, it uses a series of high-quality standard materials, modular combination of the way, the voice, data, images and part of the control signal system with a unified transmission medium integrated, After a unified planning and design, integrated in a set of standard cabling system, the modern building of the three subsystems organically linked to the modern building system integration provides a physical medium. It can be said that the success of the structured cabling system is directly related to the success of the modern building, choose a high-quality integrated wiring system is essential.

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