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① 用光功率計測一測光功率是否與數據手冊上的參數一致,如果出入太大,則為二手光模塊。

② 觀察光模塊售後的使用情況,一個正常的光模塊的使用壽命5年,在第一年中基本很難看出光模塊的好壞,但是在其使用的第二年或第三年就可以看出來了。

③ 在購買前與供應商溝通,看看適用哪些設備, 看看光模塊與設備之間的兼容性如何。

④ 看光模塊的溫度適應能力怎麼樣,由於光模塊工作環境都是在機房或在交換機上,溫度過高或過低都會影響其光功率、光靈敏度等參數。

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How to distinguish new light module and second-hand light module

① using optical power measurement of a measured optical power with the data manual on the same parameters, if the access is too large, then the second-hand optical module.

② observe the sale of optical modules after use, a normal optical module life of 5 years, basically difficult to see in the first year optical module is good or bad, but in the second or third year of use can be seen It's

③ Before buying, communicate with the supplier to see which equipment is suitable and see how compatibility of the optical module and equipment is.

④ to see the optical module temperature adaptability how, because the optical module working environment are in the engine room or on the switch, the temperature is too high or too low will affect the optical power, light sensitivity and other parameters.

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