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The face of anti-aging has changed forever: BUY NOW! Introducing Molecule 818 Anti-Aging Serum! 
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Molecule 818 One Truth Anti-aging Serum with TAM-818 is here!


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$192. Available on eBay, Amazon and Etsy.

Shipped from California.

1 lasts 60 days.

Stop accidentally aging your skin by using products, which damage, thin your skin and accelerate cell division.

One Truth 818 contains an active ingredient called Molecule 818, the strongest of nearly 300,000 compounds tested over 11 years by award-winning Telomere biologist Dr. Bill Andrews and his team at Sierra Sciences.  The truth about aging is for thousands of years people have been trying to find a magic potion that will address the signs of aging, a 'Foundation of Youth'. It might sound like something out of a fantasy film, but in fact science is a lot closer than you would think to developing technologies that will extend the healthy lifespan of humans beyond the theoretical maximum of 125 years. To many, ant-aging is just something that happens, an unavoidable part of life that brings with it all unniceties. But there is growing proof that perhaps aging doesn't have to be so unpleasant. The term 'growing old gracefully' may for one have some truth to it.

The answer lies in Nobel Prize winning research. A clock that ticks inside every single dividing cell of our bodies, in a region called the Telomere at the tips of our chromosomes. The shortening of our Telomeres is proven to have direct correlation with aging. Just like the caps of your shoelaces, the older the Telomeres get, the more worn out and shorter they become, until they are rendered useless. When the Telomeres get too short they are unable to support the DNA. The history of Telomere biology can be traced to scientists whom have known about Telomeres since the 1930's, and that they get shorter as we get older since the 1970's.
Dr. Andrews' discoveries led him and other scientists to sustain human skin cells in vitro, leading many in the scientific community to call the discovery of Telomerase the world's biggest scientific breakthrough to date, that could ultimately, support the appearance of healthy aging in humans. Over the past 20 years his research company Sierra Sciences has invested $33 million dollars into telomere research and screened nearly 300,000 compounds in their research for the strongest telomerase inducers. Dr. Andrews has focused in the last 20 years on finding ways to assist in the function of telomere maintenance. As one of the principles discoverers of both the RNA and protein components of human telomerase, Dr. Andrews was awarded 2nd place as "United States Inventor of the year" in 1997. He is also named inventor on 45 US issued patents on telomerase and author of numerous scientific research studies published in peer reviewed scientific journals. Founder of Sierra Sciences, Dr. Andrews is one of the most highly respected scientists in the USA, and has been featured on the Today Show, BBC, NBC and HBO documentaries.

When Dr. Bill Andrews was first approached by Chase Life Extension Foundation Ltd (CLEF) from Auckland, New Zealand about using his discoveries in an anti-aging skin serum, he was skeptical because many of the many quacks and charlatans that had approached him over the years wanting to do all sort of things with his research. What he discovered was a company that had strong values and ethics. Their mission is to create meaningful products that help their customers and can be backed with concrete evidence. He whole-heartedly endorses One Truth Serum with Molecule 818.

Full Abich (Italy) Laboratories Clinical Trials:

In the Abich Report, In Vivo Evaluation of the Anti-wrinkle, Elasticizing and Firming Efficiency of One Truth Serum with Molecule 818. In 2014, Chase Life Extension Foundation Ltd, assigned Abich Laboratories in Italy to perform in vivo testing of One Truth Serum with Molecule 818. The purpose - to evaluate its anti-wrinkle efficiency and its capability in improving the skin's appearance on 100 healthy volunteers age 36-65.

Abich labs used a derma TOP-blue di Eotech in-vivo 3D scanner to provide precise and reproducible measurements of human skin and to ensure reliable and accurate positioning for several skin scanning sessions over a period of 30 days.

After 30 days of twice daily use on 100 volunteers, One Truth Serum with Molecule 818 demonstrated:

Forehead wrinkles decreased by 14.04%, and likewise crow's feet wrinkles decreased by 11.07%. Skin firmness improved by 20.33% and elasticity improved by 8.33%.

The results of this Abich report showed all variations were "Statistically Significant".

Other Abich Reports showed that One Truth Serum with Molecule 818 was non-sensitizing, non-irritant, non-toxic and non-mutagenic.

One Truth 818 Serum is manufactured by Chase Life Extension Foundation Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand, Molecule818.

Agua, Jojoba Esters, Macadamia, Integrifolia Seed Oil, Ethyl Macadamiate, Sodium Acrylates Copolymer, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Phospholipids, Polyglyceryl-10 Stearate, Helianthus Annus (Sun Flower) Seed Oil, Isoamyl Laurate, Lecithin (and) Isopropyl Myristate (and) Vegetable Glycerine, caprylhydroxamic acid (and) glyceryl caprylate (and) glycerin, Polyglyceryl-6 Caprylate, Propanediol (and) Lecithin (and) phytosphingosine (and) Molecule 818, glyceryl caprylate, Sodium Acrylates Copolymer (and) Lecithin, Sodium Phytate, Parfum (EcoCertifed) Citral, Benzyl Alcohol, Citronellol.


Lasts 6-8 weeks. Apply in morning and evening daily.

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Listing ID: 6390

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