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The sole purpose of advertising is to let your target group know that you exist and that you have something that they want or need. It’s just that simple. But, is your current advertising strategy doing that for you?
Let’ suppose you are a packaging and moving services provider in a particular area. You are seasoned professionals who run an online marketing campaign that makes you visible to an audience that is either not interested in your service or are not in the zip code that you serve. You then distribute pamphlets for your service and it works.
You get two new clients who were searching for a packers and movers service. So, distributing a thousand pamphlets helped you get 2 one-time clients.
Would you call that a successful campaign? That’s why you need FirstAds. is a classifieds website which features a large number of service providers offering a plethora of services in different local areas. We allow the buyers to search for products and services in up to 75 miles from their location.

You see what we have done here? We are not catering to one niche service. We have made a marketplace out of local products and service providers. Let’s say a buyer needs to find magazines. He will come to our website, finds a seller via their classified ad, and employ their services. The next time he needs a DVD, he will find the classified ad of a local seller on FirstAds. We list almost every product and service on the website. So, where do you think the customers go hunting for packers and movers when they need one? Exactly! When you place a classified ad on, you are making yourself visible to all the local customers within a 75-mile radius. That’s a huge area to cover and a lot of people to cater to.

You cannot get a more concentrated bunch of customers anywhere else. But, what do we offer that other classified websites don’t?

• First of all, you can register or sign up on our website for free. We charge neither the buyers nor the sellers any kind of fee for registration. As the buyers can freely browse on our site, we get more buyers, and your business offering gets more eyeballs.

• We have a great user interface that allows buyers to surf through services and products exactly according to their requirements. They can filter according to the product or service they are searching for, the distance from their current location, and many other factors. The easier we make it for the buyers to search, the easier it is for them to find sellers like you.

• is overflowing with sellers offering products and services in the local area. Entrepreneurs and professionals want to feature themselves on, because they can see that it is a goldmine of customers. They have benefitted from it in the past and are still benefitting.

• You get an amazing deal on your classified ad with You can either pay per classified ad or buy a monthly subscription. With the subscription, you can post as many ads from your account as you want throughout the month

• It is very easy to manage your ads and offerings on our classifieds website. You can log in to your account and find all the information related to your ad there. You can also learn about the pricing information there.

First Ads offers your business effective local advertising at amazing costs. So, what are you waiting for?

Hurry! Take your business to new heights, post a classified today!


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