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1. 決定好房配線架的位置,然後結合線從外邊進入機櫃的距離,計算出所需的網線長度,方便後期理線,及避免線纜過長影響美觀。

2. 盡量貼着機櫃走,不要彎曲或繞過其他東西,考慮走向方便,避免影響日後網絡設備的進入。

3. 根據計算好的網線長度進行裁剪,並預留10-15公分的長度。

4. 開始埋線,具體步驟如下:

① 線纜根部外露的地方用扎帶綁好;

② 網線紮好後,用配線板理線;

③ 一直順着往下移,在理線板的背部用扎帶纏好。

4. 最後開始打配線架這一環節,並按照事先安排好的位置進行壓線工作。

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What is the weak current integrated wiring process?

1. Determine the position of the distribution frame of the room, and then calculate the required length of the cable in combination with the distance from the outside to the cabinet, which is convenient for later cable management and avoids the cable to be too long to affect the appearance.

2. Try to stick to the cabinet, do not bend or bypass other things, consider the convenience, and avoid affecting the entry of network equipment in the future.

3. Cut according to the calculated length of the network cable and reserve a length of 10-15 cm.

4. Start embedding, the specific steps are as follows:

1 The exposed area of the cable root is tied with a cable tie;

2 After the network cable is tied, use the wiring board to manage the line;

3 Move all the way down and wrap it around the back of the cable management board.

4. Finally, start the patch panel and press the line according to the pre-arranged position.

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